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o hai thar

2010-07-06 13:39:13 by KyleDaFox

It's been a year since I've been to NG due to school, sports, friends, and other not as important things. I feel terrible for the people who were working on games with me, because I kinda just left them. I know all of you care but I'm back (maybe)

Orbis Venatus has gotten up to 300,000 views :D
Lil Arthur 2 is nearing the end of production :D
I forgot most of my Action Script and replaced it with VB from computer programming class in school D:


I hate me.

Orbis Venatus and Other Stuff

2009-05-21 16:14:06 by KyleDaFox

My new game, Orbis Venatus, has been submitted to the Portal! With nearly 100 thousand views within two weeks, I'd say it's one of my more popular games. I'd appreciate if you guys submit OV to the Puzzle game section, I'd appreciate it :)


-The RPG is comin' out OK, just Baseball151 refuses to work on it >:( I'd like it done by...August...?
-Missile Wars is also comin' out pretty good, I'd like to see it by the end of June.
-I'm doing some other things that don't really count, my priorities are set for those two.
-Getting into AS3, I'll start off with some simple games in it, I may make Lil Arthur 2 using AS3, I dunno.

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2009-05-09 17:09:40 by KyleDaFox

The RPG (Immortal Sword - working title) that Baseball151 and I are working on has slowed done. BUT, we got some stuff done.

1. Like 11 maps!
2. Awesome, functioning Pokemon style fight engine with 4 possible enemies encountered at random intervals when in tall grass, and 4 attacks to choose from so far.
3. Tilebased movement engine with running or walking.

We just have to need more maps. SCREENIE :):):):)
Missle Wars - Sabatino and I have restarted working on it after my absence in the early months of this year. It is turning out awesome, I've always wanted to make a turret defense game :D

1. 8 upgrades and things to use available
2. 4 enemies and the number will grow
3. Pretty good graphics, imo :P
4. We are talking about publishing it to the iPod touch and iPhone, but that wouldn't be until after the flash version.

It is about 20-25% done, the basic gameplay and basic graphics are finished. We're open to suggestions, here is a screenie: Missle Wars
I have other side projects, like Get Blue Spheres, but that is in such early stages, I'm not sure if it counts. Very simple engine, kind of a practice game. I did make a quite awesome preloader to my standards.
In other news, my game Orbis Venatus was sponsored by Jeux Internet, a French gaming site. I will post the English version on Newgrounds when I feel like it XD. Hope you guys will like it.

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Rpg Progress

2009-04-20 19:02:08 by KyleDaFox

Yeh, I'm making an RPG. I haven't been on for a while, but I'm getting back into flash. Baseball151 is doing the art, and I'm coding it. We just kinda started it, and it'll (hopefully) be massive. Here's a screenshot of the old Pokemon game style fight screen.

Rpg Progress

We've been working on it since May, '08, and it's done. Woo! Go check it out, leave a review and vote!

-Orbis Venatus-
Progress: Done

-Path to Presents-
Progress: Done

-Unnamed Turret Defense Game-
Progress: Around 2-5% done

~Hire Me~
If anyone needs an artist or coder, I'll be willing.
Pm me with any previous work and I'll look over it.

~My Band~
Wait, why do you care about my band? Any suggestions for a name?

~New Year~
Happy New Year! My resolution(s): Improve my flash skills, and maybe get some front page material=D What do you guys wanna do?

Now if you are still reading this, go submit Hairball to the Puzzle game Collections.

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Flash Block >.>

2008-12-23 23:36:13 by KyleDaFox

I finished 2 games, now what? I'm extremely bored, and I have no ideas for new games whatsoever. This really sucks.

I opened Flash!

2008-12-19 17:29:02 by KyleDaFox

I haven't opened Flash for two months, but I did it! I'm hoping to release two games before the year is over!
Btw, Portal collab is almost done, look out for that. It was supposed to be done by June but I don't know what happened.



2008-10-13 21:01:22 by KyleDaFox

I'll be watching you...

@8:00 pm 11/19 at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ
Bought tickets today with the $200 I got from sponsorships.
$164 for one ticket, plus service and shipping. My dad got one to take me.

Btw, I've been away for a month due my motherboard overheating >.> Fan broke and everything kinda... Melted...

buh bye

Help please.

2008-08-19 13:33:14 by KyleDaFox

What should I do? I got a $500 offer on Hairball, but I plan on submitting it to the Maxgames competition where I have a GOOD CHANCE to get $1000 dollars plus possibly more. I'm leaning toward the maxgames competition, but any other comments?

Help plz.

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Hairball is Done, Submission Date: Sometime Next Week

2008-08-16 20:15:57 by KyleDaFox

Why not comment since you're here

Yup, my best game ever is done. With 40 levels, difficulties, a few minutes of minigames, and I took pretty much every single suggestion I've received and put it in.

After countless hours and days of debugging, adding in new features, etc, my best game turned out fantastic.

With no sponsor offers, (My best game is too good for sponsors, anyway, lol), I have decided to submit it to the Max Games Competition and I'm able to keep my MochiAds.

I've spent around five hours today alone perfecting my game, and I plan on submitting it sometime within the next two weeks.

I'll be sure to drop by and leave a news post when it's out, for the two of you who care >.>

Wish me luck,

BTW, I got an award, thanks for recommending Kick Ups 2.0 to the Sports Game Collection, and I hope everyone had a good Clockday yesterday =D